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ImmuneBioScience™, LLC a USA-based environmental testing company is in the pursuit of safe, efficient, accelerated and more practical patient-oriented medical solutions for a rapidly changing world. The ultimate goal of ImmuneBioScience, through its equity partnership with Accelerated Health, LLC, is the advancement and creation of methods to perform improved patient oriented and practical diagnostic testing by harnessing the latest innovations in scientific, medical and technical research.


Environmental testing and monitoring is a proactive approach to Virus and Pathogen management including COVID-19. Environmental testing complements human diagnostic testing and contact tracing. Due to a virus’ potential for a prolonged tenacity on surfaces, transmission through contaminated surfaces is an insidious route of exposure. With the US manufactured EnviroResults™ Test Kit, you can detect SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus within homes and facilities by swabbing hard surfaces like door handles, computers, mice, keyboards, phones, desks, etc. The patented technology, Multiplex Markers and Amplicon Primer Composition for Simultaneous Detection of SARS-COV-2 Virus and Other Viruses in a Person or an Enclosure ensures rapid, accurate results within 24 hours of receipt. Routinely performing with the EnviroResults™ Test Kit is simple and effective bio-surveillance for exposure to COVID-19 in a variety of settings including corporate locations, small businesses, healthcare facilities and other institutional settings.

Simply ship your swab back to us in our test kit and you will have your results within 24 hours of our receipt.

COVID19 Resource Testing with ImmuneBioScience is easy, affordable, accurate and essential

  • Testing is simple and effective bio-surveillance for exposure to COVID-19 in your business, facility, or home.
  • Your customers will be reassured that by testing you are monitoring and managing any potential threat from COVID-19.
  • Information about COVID-19 changes constantly so it is crucial that you monitor the effectiveness of your cleaning and disinfection through testing.
  • If you did have exposure, testing clears your buildings post-exposure